Research: Why are PR and Marketing professionals still struggling to use video?

With online video expected to make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022, it is the most effective medium to reach audiences – yet over a quarter of PR and Comms leaders say they are struggling to make it work for them.

Research prepared by The Pulse Business and supported by the PRCA – which partners with video platform Binumi Pro – has revealed that 26% of PR agency bosses agreed with the statement that they are aware of the value of video but have not found a way for it to work for them yet, even though 64% said that they regularly use video in their marcomms.

26% of PR and Marketing agencies contacted said they haven’t found a way of making video as a marcomms tool work for them yet

So what is the issue? Liam Herbert, CEO, Chelgate, explained that dissatisfaction often arose from “a lack of understanding internally, poor briefing and application of the finished product”; but the main frustration for agencies was cost. 

38% of agencies that have recently used video production companies stated that the experience was more expensive than they would have wanted, and Molly Aldridge, Global CEO and Co-founder, M&C Saatchi Public Relations admitted that even when outsourcing on occasion the costs rack up quickly. 

It is clear that video is an important and persuasive communication tool, but the costs and timings associated with agencies are prohibitive for many. Which is why Binumi Pro Co-founder Christopher Bo Shields says that “we believe very strongly that should be democratised out of the hands of a few, expensive production agencies, and into the hands of the people that are actually using it.”

To do this, Bo Shields and partner Alex Hughes have worked to develop a solution that gives their clients a scalable way to take control of their video communications. 

“Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones, video is more accessible than ever. Most phones are even able to shoot in 4K. We should be using that to our advantage.” explained Bo Shields.

“It’s time for the PR industry to get behind the camera!” 

*The research was developed in association with PRCA and The Pulse Business in October 2019.
**An edited version of this article can be found on the PRCA website


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