Hybrid Theory: creating a physical experience in Digital Events with video

Generation Flex has highlighted the need for change towards our ideas of connectivity and productivity in the workforce. Co-working spaces, the increase in remote freelance and contract workers, and the introduction of ‘flexitime’ show a shift towards a workplace culture that focuses on the needs of the employee. But we are overlooking the benefits that the power of tech can bring to the company, too.

The advancement of the digital age has brought technologies that allow us to connect with individuals across the globe without flying the red-eye. Yet long-standing, established companies have been reluctant to embrace this change, and in doing so have been left behind by their younger, digitally-native competitors. 

There is a fear held by many business leaders that the shift towards flexible working will impact productivity, which makes them hesitant to replace face to face time with remote video conferencing; but in reality, combining multiple technologies with video can create an engaging experience that has all the benefits of a physical event.

Recently, our company Amigo was tasked with providing a solution to a problem faced by one of our clients. As part of their role, members of the executive board were required to frequently meet with their international markets. As you can imagine these meetings require a lot of international travel, which can take more than 2 weeks to complete and on top of being time consuming and stressful for the individual member, it raises ecological concerns. PwC has estimated that business travel contributes to 53% of carbon emissions, and corporations are under pressure to review and reduce their environmental impact.

The answer to this was simple, but effective – create a digital experience that replicated the benefits of a physical meeting. By utilising various technologies, we connected 7 locations worldwide in a hybrid digital summit that enabled our client to deliver the same message the same way to all its markets, simultaneously. 

This mass virtual gathering went far beyond the confines of your average webinar or video conference. Each location had its own presenter and audience linked through video, switching seamlessly between them to give equal airtime. Encouraging the wider workforce to participate in discussion and a live Q&A meant that huge synergies were created in a way that was not previously possible. The proudest moment was hearing our client say that they felt the event brought the company together to feel like one. That is what we should always be working towards.

Ultimately, by embracing the possibilities that video technologies offer, and giving a platform to the diverse voices within our workforce, we are laying the foundation for innovation and success.
In an era of disruption, innovation is the lifeblood of any organisation that wants to compete at a high level. To encourage our employees to think differently, we need to lead by example and be the driving force of change.


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