How to use a secure platform for video production

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At Binumi Pro, we understand the importance of security, especially when it comes to your company’s content. That is why we created our secure app and desktop platform which allows content to be uploaded, viewed and shared securely with colleagues and clients worldwide.

Our platform was built with security at its heart and we were ISO27001 certified in 2019. The platform integrates with existing business systems, allowing centralised corporate control of your marcomms and ensures all of your videos are fully brand compliant.

The Binumi Pro App

The Binumi Pro App gives you the user, the control to upload, download and share videos directly to the repository from a smartphone. This allows your whole team to contribute to content creation wherever they are in the world. The App ensures that your account becomes the hub for all video content, making collaboration and quality control simple and effective.

“You nominate users to the App and they are involved in every step of the production process. We even have a live chat function enabling teams and individuals to connect directly with your video editor,” says Christopher Bo-Shields, Co-Founder of Binumi Pro.

Having a secure platform for content sharing means that briefing is integrated into the platform and editors are able to incorporate any branded intros and outros, or graphics, guaranteeing a fully brand compliant edit.

Once your videos have been approved by yourself, you can share them straight to your social media channels, download to send to your marketing team or share links with colleagues.

The Binumi Pro Platform

The platform is different to the App as such, as it stores all your videos in one place allowing for easy collaboration with colleagues in other departments.

Our platform enables the user to organise content by department or event. Using the department wall means only people from a certain department can see the content relevant to them. The event wall on the other hand keeps videos for each event in one place where anyone in your company can download them.

“This functionality saves time and effort, avoiding lots of calls and emails with colleagues to try to find video clips, saved somewhere on a server,” says Chris.

If you would like to find out more about our secure video editing App and platform and how we can help you create engaging video content for your company, please get in touch.


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