How to make Employee-Generated Content your greatest tool in 2020

We know that authenticity comes with letting other people tell your story, but with the uncertainty surrounding Influencers finding true ambassadors can be hard. We believe that the answer lies in employee-generated content.

What is employee-generated content? Well, it’s User Generated Content (UGC) that comes from your employees. By giving the people who know your Brand the best free reign to craft their own narratives about your brand, you are creating an intimate story from your truest ambassadors. 

Doesn’t that sound great? With video being the most influential medium to reach audiences,  many comms leaders are ready to jump on board and make use of its broad range of implementations; from internal communications like training or global team connectivity to external ones like event highlights or product updates. In practice though, EGC can be difficult to implement if you don’t employ the right strategy. Initial response may be tepid from employees who might not feel confident in front of a camera or struggle with reading from a script. It can feel like an added burden to a workload, or not prioritised in line with other duties. Another problem arises when it comes to capturing content – poor sound and lighting, and lack of equipment being the main culprits. 

So how do we circumvent these issues? 

Build your tribe

Identifying the right kind of employees to be included in your EGC program is of paramount importance. People who feel comfortable talking to camera, who are naturally engaging, are your key targets. Hold workshops or brainstorm sessions to help eke out the creatively minded – there is often hidden talent amongst the most diverse teams, so don’t restrict yourself to those in creative roles. Remember who your audience is, and who would be most appropriate to speak for them. 

Craft your story

As with any execution, a clear and concise brief is needed. Scripting isn’t always necessary if your employees know what the video’s purpose and structure is. Spreading the workload amongst others helps you to minimise strain on workload, and also bring variety to the mix.

Create your video

We know that video production agencies are expensive, which is why we created Binumi Pro. You can shoot high-quality video from an everyday item – your smartphone; it just needs a little help to enhance it to professional standards. 

Light – an additional light source to illuminate your subjects, and provide better visual quality. Lighting brings contrast and definition, which enables your audience to focus.

Audio – good sound quality is the most important factor when creating quality video. Bypass smartphone internal microphones with a wired external mic. This will be closer to your subject and reduce background noise so they can be heard clearly.

Stability – remember how jarring the Blair Witch Project was due to the shaky handheld quality of the filming? Whilst that added authenticity, that isn’t the kind we’re going for. A tripod for still shots or a handheld rig will reduce movement and get you smoother footage that doesn’t distract from your video’s message. 

Editing – the most laborious task is stitching your footage together into a professional, brand-compliant edit. At Binumi Pro our in-house team is available 24/7 to deliver fast-turnaround edits, and the live chat and integrated briefing functionalities ensure you’re in control every step of the editing process. You are able to upload and onboard your editors on your brand guidelines; and with client-approved access and designated departments, you have centralised corporate control.

Used well, EGC will help you create authentic communication that foster connections with your audience. Finding the right platform is crucial to producing engaging, high-quality video that integrates well with your employee’s workload and does not distract from productivity. 

Why choose Binumi Pro?

  • Built with the user experience in mind to make recording, editing, and sharing effortless
  • Allows for assimilation of corporate guidelines for compliance
  • Built-in reviewing and moderation capabilities
  • You only need a smartphone to shoot great footage
  • Free training to upskill your employees
  • Cloud-based platform for remote connection
  • Centralised corporate control

If you want to make video a part of your plan for business success, get in touch to find out what Binumi Pro can do for you.


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