An Ocean of Content – introducing Reef

What’s in a name?

Our name came from the understanding that a business will generate enough videos and stories in its lifetime to fill an ocean. Binumi Pro gives you the tools to create an ocean of content, but without a strong ecosystem, maintaining that ocean can be difficult and complex – which is why we have created Reef.


The Binumi Pro Reef is much more than a simple storage solution, it is a scalable and complete ecosystem, and a centralised, transparent platform for your organisation to create, collaborate and curate content securely. Take a look at some of the benefits below:

Dedicated team spaces

Organise your Reef by adding Branches – collaborative workspaces for teams, groups or departments to access relevant content, project activities and communications.
With custom permission levels, smart indexing and sharing, you are able to control how you distribute, reiterate and/or localise content with ease.

Centralised media repository

The Reef provides a secure, centralised repository for your content to be stored and distributed, ensuring consistent and on-brand communications across even the most disparate of teams.

Streamlined navigation

Effortlessly navigate your ocean – access your Latest Videos in just one click, and search by topic or speaker to readily find relevant content.

Still curious about the update? Get to know the new and improved Projects Dashboard.


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