5 tips on how to film the perfect footage

Filming the perfect footage is now much easier than before. Not long ago, individuals wouldn’t dream of shooting a video on a phone because the quality was inferior. But that has changed considerably and today lots of people use phones to shoot video projects. 

Traditional video production and editing are still expensive and time-consuming but by using the Binumi Pro kit and platform, professional video is at your fingertips. 

Our tips for capturing the best footage

To ensure that our customers capture the best footage, we have put together these top tips: 


When composing what looks good in your shots, try to follow two easy rules.

Rule of thirds – try to split your shot to 2/3rds of your subject matter are in the frame. 

No headroom – if you are performing an interview, make sure there isn’t lots of space above the person’s head and keep their head at the top of the frame. 

BinumiPro example of too much headroom


Always use a lapel microphone when interviewing someone, especially in noisy environments. Always try to find a quiet spot so there isn’t a lot of background noise. Also, remember to always test the sound before you interview someone so you can test if you can hear them clearly. 


Good lighting will always make your videos look amazing. Remember to avoid shooting towards windows as this makes the camera try to adjust its brightness too quickly. Always look for sources of light in a room and shoot from those areas, this will make your shoots look vibrant and exciting. 

BinumiPro example of poor lighting


Always try to consider what is in the background of your shots. To make your event or location look busy, make sure you choose the busiest background to capture your shots. If you want to include branding, ensure it is included in the shot in the background. 

BinumiPro example of empty room/background space


When interviewing someone, try to be as confident as possible as this will put your subject at ease. Try to stand slightly to the left or right of the camera so the interviewee looks at you and not down the lens. This makes the interview look more natural. Smile at your subject as this will make them smile and creates a nice warm genuine video. Take a look at some examples here

The most important thing to remember is to have fun! Practice makes perfection so experiment with shots and you might be surprised by the outcome. 

Binumi Pro offers an inexpensive, fast turnaround, professional editing facility allowing you to shoot the footage from your phone, moderate and share video content across internal and social media platforms instantly. If you want to find out more about how we can help you create engaging video content for your company, please get in touch


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