Video ‘sans barrières’​

Having worked for many years in corporate video production, Binumi Pro Co-Founder Christopher Bo Shields has seen many shifts in content creation and distribution. A year ago he set on a new journey to offer clients the ability to shoot videos themselves, without compromising on quality and professionalism.

At Binumi Pro, we believe that professional-standard video production needs to be democratised out of the hands of a handful of agencies and into the hands of the people that are actually using it.

To do this we developed a simple filming kit that provides the three key functions for a quality video; stability, light and sound. Clients shoot and upload through our app and then we edit their video instantly and return it to their phone or desktop where they can chat live with the editor, make any tweaks and then post straight to their social channels or share it within their organisation.

The Binumi Pro Kit in action

What is fascinating to us isn’t that there is a demand for the service but rather the type of videos our clients are making. For sure there is what you would expect: quick fire voxpops live from events and exhibition stands, highlight videos from conferences and award shows. What’s really making us excited is the new breed of videos that people are coming up with to share within their organisations.

Video can be an expensive medium to produce well, but with only an iPhone and the Pro Kit we are super happy about how our clients are embracing the opportunity for creativity when the cost barrier is removed.


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